Canberra connects with a Sacred Cacao Ceremony.

Sacred Raw Cacao is an ancient plant medicine used by the Mayan shamans in healing journeys. It is said to have powerful healing and transmutation qualities. We recently had the honour of participating in a Sacred Cacao Ceremony where we experienced first hand the beauty of this plant and its ceremonial practices. Read on to find out what this mysterious event was all about.

Want to know how to Hike Square Rock? Then check out our blog for all hiking tips, trails and info on Namadgi National Park

Square Rock

Square Rock is a gentle hike with spectacular views of the Brindabella ranges in Namadgi National Park. Just a short drive from Canberra this is yet another wonderful hike to add to your Canberra Bucket-list. Check out our article for all information required to plan and prepare for your day out in nature.

Making a local Connection

Earlier this year I set myself the challenge of writing to a criteria to enter into the World Nomads Travel Writing Scholarship.

I absolutely loved the process and became inspired to share more stories of magnificent humans from around the globe. I didn't win but I already feel like I’ve won because it reignited my passion for writing and turned up the fire in belly to travel.