Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a country of vast natural beauty. Watch this space for the low down on how you can explore this stunning country.


Unless you’re a citizen of the Maldives, Seychelles or Singapore you’ll need a visa. You can complete your e-visa online here >>


in Sri Lanka restaurants are also called Hotels even though they don’t offer any accommodation. Use our unique code when booking with and receive $25AUD back. Book now >>

Mobile networks

The two main mobile phone networks are Mobitel and Dialog both providing 4G coverage throughout the country. The Mobitel booth is before immigration at Bandaranaike International Airport and Dialog is located in the arrival hall after passing through customs.


The bathrooms are predominantly squat toilets but you’ll find western toilets in most guest houses and hotels.

Bandaranaike International Airport, Colombo

This is the main airport for international arrival. There’s money exchange before immigration and multiply once you’ve passed customs. They all have the same rate and zero fees and commission.

In the arrival hall you’ll also find ATMs and transport. The Commercial Bank was the only ATM that accepted the Australian ING card and Chinese Union Pay.


For transport we’d recommend using the PickMe up which is similar to Uber but cheaper and includes local transport such as motorbike and Tuk Tuk. Uber also works in Sri Lanka.