Ngwe Saung Beach

Who could ever predict that Burma would have such incredible beaches? There isn’t much better than a beach escape to truly unwind and enjoy the sunshine. Ngwe Saung Beach is nothing short of sensation for doing just that.

Getting there:

If you fly back to Yangon and still have time… WE HIGHLY recommend that you catch a bus to Ngwe Saung Beach for a couple of days! It is a night bus, that apparently only departs Yangon on Fridays, and you arrive at the beach by 5 in the morning!


Our favourite hotel is Central Ngwe Saung hotel which is at the end of the beach and it is like having a private beach all to yourself!

Things to do:

The hotel above rents tubes for you to play in the water during the day and they own the mermaid/lovers Island, so at low tide you can walk across and explore the island.

You can always find a motorbike taxi to take you into town in the evenings for dinner and you can rent motorbikes to take you to the local beach town of Chaung Tha (See my post The Coast for further details) it is a crazy adventure, 3 boats… some beach riding… It is a whole day trip, but so so fun!

Where is your favourite place to relax in Myanmar?

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