There is absolutely no doubt that Nepal is a true place of spirit, soul and magic. The people here represent a complete paradox to the western world. Displaying genuine happiness and extending gratitude for what they have in their life only makes the traveller reflect on their own mindful practices.

Nepal is a country that creates once in a lifetime experiences. Whether this be braving the incredible peaks, confronting the traffic and crowds or witnessing unique wildlife, it is sure to create long lasting memories.

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Travel Advice


Thorung Pass- we made it!

Annapurna annihilation          Nagakort              Kathmandu, Nepal

Travel Tales

Kathmandu Kindness                                                                               Nomadic Nepal

Shattered windows, intact spirits.                                          When it rains… It pours!

Broken seats and sanitary napkins.                                       Hash, tats and sex work- A walking reality show