Festival Review: Gagnef 2017, Sweden

Gagnef Festival Review

Gagnef Festival is held annually in the summer at Ängshols People’s Park (folk park) in Gagnef, Sweden. This year the event was held over the weekend of July 6-8 2017, a manic and magical 4 days of forest love and wicked tunes. It is the epitome of a boutique festival which has seen it win the Boutique Festival of the year for 2018 (Festicket). This is an impressive feat since it originating as a 30th Birthday party over 10 years ago.


Captured by @celings from Gagnef 2016

Even today the festival has an undeniable community feel to it as the festival organisers work collaboratively with the artists and store vendors to create this amazing event. The festival is capped at 3,000 people in order to keep its intimate feel ensuring that all who are contributing are there from a place of love.

The festival itself is immersed in nature as it is set beside the calm, tranquil Dalälven river where the festivities are intertwined with the stunning forest. This setting is truly magic! Peter Schröder, the Gagnef Festival event organiser, describes it perfectly as loving, mind-expanding and ever-changing and I couldn’t agree more.


Views of the 2017 crowds accompany this quote perfectly.

The open clearing in the forest is setup with hammocks and artwork, perfect for chilling out and adding to the trippy festival nights. The ever-light evenings make the forest the greatest escape to experience ‘darkness’ where time has no place. As the stages come to an end, the forest comes alive with lights, music, positive vibes and sparkle which is reflected from the giant spinning disco ball. It is here where you will stand in awe as the waterfall cascades down from the forest canopy which is both mind-blowing and unforgettable.


The Amphitheatre ‘Main Stage’ is nestled into the forest greenery with the river as a floating backdrop.

The Amphitheatre ‘main stage’ provides the perfect vantage point to experience the artists and take in the positive vibrations the festival is exuberating.  The stage background of the riverside tops off this piece of Paradise and is the only measure of time passing by.

Music & Art


Gnucci lighting up the night.

Gagnef Festival is the perfect place to experience the hottest musical performers that you have never heard of, to see incredible visual art you have never seen and to dance the days away with hipsters who have never crossed your path before. There is music to please all as it ranges from electro, indie rock, rap and hardcore techno to the soft melodic sounds of instrumental choirs.

Gagnef header

Gagnef is known for its diverse alternative sounds.

We absolutely loved the vibrant and captivating set from Gnucci with her funky beats and energetic dance moves. She is definitely one to watch in 2018 and the perfect artist to add to your party playlist.


A few artists we would recommend keeping an eye out for include Ms Banks (UK), Sammy & Johnny Bennett,  Blanck Mass and Fontän.

Alex Backstrom is an emerging visual audio artist to keep an eye on too. Check out my interview with Alex from Gagnef festival for more information on her work.

Overall this festival is the perfect paradise to escape from the mundane, connect with like-minded souls and expose yourself to new art and opportunity. Congratulations to Peter and the team for winning the Boutique Festival of the year. This is a well-deserved win for a Festival who will have a place in my heart forever.

Want to head to Gagnef 2018? 

Keep your eyes peeled on Festicket or Tickster around May 2018. You can also find more information at Gagnef

A huge shout out to Isabella Stahl  and @celings for the use of their images

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4 thoughts on “Festival Review: Gagnef 2017, Sweden

  1. Jonny says:

    Hi! I have been to the festival a few times before. You are going to experience the most chill weekend of your life. People are friendly, funny and relaxed. The food is great since most of it is made with love. If you are staying in a tent i recommend that you find a shady spot under a tree since the morning heat can really drain your energy if you have been raving all night long.

    It has been a few years now since i’ve been to the festival, but this year im going. Make sure that you bring enough cash to spend on food and alcohol, im sure that most food places take swish or credit card, but cash is king. Also dont forget to bring your swimming trunks since the festival i located by the famous “Dalälven”. The years that i visited the festival there was an amateur football cup for which you and your mates could sign up. That was alot of fun and i really hope that they will have one this year. If you need to visit a supermarket for any reason, there is one only 30 minutes of walk away. On the way to the store the residents of the area sometimes have flea markets or sell home baked buns with coffee if you’re lucky. Oh and most important of all, bring some kind of bug repellant. There are plenty of tics and mosquitoes in the area, they can be quite an annoyance.

    I hope you have a great experience and i will provide my e-mail if you have any more questions.

    Have a great festival mate and a good summer!



    • Rach Pope says:

      Wow! Johnny thanks so much for this absolute wealth of information. You’re a legend.

      However, I sincerely apologise for the delay in noticing it. For some unknown reason the notification didn’t go off on my phone. I would’ve love to have caught up with you there.

      How was your experience this year and how did it compare to previous years? We absolutely loved it. We’re still ridding the festival high from have such an epic weekend there. It was the best 😁✌🏼


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