Off ‘The Book’


It’s been well over a month now since I got off ‘the book’ and I must say my life feels substantially lighter. Here are 5 simple reasons, why I believe you should begin a Facebook detox ASAP.

1. Eliminating the extra stresses of life– we all have them and we have all been guilty of getting caught up In The Facebook lives of our ‘friends’. We became caught up with the ones whom seem to be constantly ‘Living the dream’ or worst yet those who are constantly complaining and having the worst days ever. We get consumed, involved, engrossed and find ourselves taking ownership of feelings and emotions that aren’t even ours. Whether it be feelings of guilt by comparing our lives & bodies to others, anger that someone we know had road rage or remorse because someone’s friends, neighbours, uncle is having a bad time, we have all been there & with no real reason to be. By deleting the book I’ve been able to re-connect with what purely benefits and belongs to me. I’m taking ownership and regaining control of my life and how I feel about it and it feels brilliant.

2. Releasing the keypad warriors- I don’t know a single person who doesn’t have ‘friends’ on Facebook to simply keep the peace, keep entertained or to eliminate those awkward moments of ‘ they deleted me on Facebook’. Delete the book and you delete the faux buddies. I was sincerely surprised and I felt immensely blessed at the amount of people who have been emailing, Vibering, Instying, skyping and calling me since I deleted Facebook. Like any period of growth you lose ‘friendships’ along the way but I know that I am better off without those individuals and I am intending on maintaining mutually genuine, honest and respected friendships. As a friend recently pointed out to me there are merely too many keypad warriors nowadays.

3. Genuine social interaction – too often people will use the lines … ‘Oh I’ll add you on Facebook’ or ‘oh I’ll message you on Facebook’. We have all heard it and we have all used it. An easy 21st Century way to make a lame attempt at friendships and social connections. Your social life is not measured by the number of followers or ‘friends’ you have but merely by the genuine interactions you have with people everyday. The number of people that you actually smile and say hi to on a daily basis or the people that you receive a random ‘seemingly ancient concept’ text from. Make an effort to let people know you are actually thinking of them and perhaps pick up the phone and make a call, send an email, Send a postcard or even better talk to them in person.

4. Productivity- believe it or not I am actually getting things done. Instead of procrastinating on Facebook, doing the scroll and ending up finding myself reading articles on 10 things every blah blah blah has/needs/wants/does and completing ridiculously inaccurate quizzes on Buzzfeed I am actually putting my time to good use. I am getting on top of my work, focussing on my Monthly intentions, working through things, exercising (I know) and most importantly having me time.

5. My life is my life- the greatest thing since deleting Facebook is that the information I share with others is what I have chosen to share in person. I don’t have my life sprawled across a page for others to see, judge and scroll through. Information is now mine to share and I get excited being able to share stories again, with people who the stories are actually intended for. The beauty is If you want to know what I am truly up to, you will have to connect with me first.

3 thoughts on “Off ‘The Book’

    • Benedict says:

      Thanks ZeroToStars I just read through your blog. Good work and good luck with the detox. You will certainly feel much better. I have been off the book for a few months now and NOPE I do not miss it. I am very reluctant to re-connect with it for my upcoming travels. Let me know how you go with it 🙂

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