Vietnam has a lot to offer. It is a country with natural beauty entrenched in history with impacts of the War still apparent in some areas. I found the North and South to be substantially different offering their own uniqueness to passers by.

The South is riddled with history from monuments, tours offering an insight into the War along with museums and galleries to quench the history buffs thirst.

The North poses an alternative historical perception with a strong French influence in Hoi An along with breathtaking mountain ranges to delight trekkers.

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Travel Tales

“If you don’t laugh you will cry”

Travelling certainly ignites some interesting conversations and some bizarre experiences. Adventure Anecdotes on Vietnam can be found under the following articles;

Halong Hurdles      Dots the street stalker- it wasn’t so black and white.     Trains, Treks and decaying pig dicks.

Nam airlines
How to get to Vietnam from Laos.

If you are departing from Vientiane you can get ridiculously stupid cheap flights with Vietnam airlines to a decrepit old town called Vinh in Vietnam. However, you must obtain a visa beforehand as you can only do visas on arrivals at Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh and Danang airports.

From Vinh airport make your way to the Van Minh bus depot or office. See card below. Here you can take an 8-10 hour bus to Hanoi 240,000 or further south. My particular ride was longer due to road works but we also stopped for a lovely road side Pho dinner. However, if possible be VERY clear on where you will be dropped off as there are 4 bus terminals in Hanoi.

If you don’t want the flights look into Jetstar or Vietjet flights. You would be surprised how cheap these flights can be and they can save you ALOT of time and hassle.