Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar, a place filled with natural and rural beauty, temples, pagodas and genuinely lovely people. This country has a lot to offer and a place that I would someday like to return to. The food is delightful and the landscapes will leave pictures imprinted on your mind for years to come.

Myanmar has only recently become open to tourists and is thankfully nothing like Thailand so it’s easiest if you book your accommodations and transits through a travel agent or following our guide you could book you accommodations, as we did, through We made other travel arrangements through good news travels, who can be reached at and they were great. Pomm was very helpful and her prices were very reasonable and cheaper to other inquiries we made.

Please note that from October 1 it becomes high season through to March so prices are higher during this period.

Australians travelling to Myanmar required a Visa at the time of writing.

As far as I have been told it’s the place to go if you have time but really, there isn’t really anything spectacular about it! We skipped it as I had no interest in visiting especially on a short time limit. If you do go then go and see the old capital/kingdom apparently it is important.

Read more about Myanmar here; BaganInle Lake/ Nuang Shwe,