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What does mindful travel mean to you?

Mindful travel is a bit of a buzzword and popular hashtag these days but when you go through the thousands of posts on social media, I sometimes find it challenging to identify where mindfulness has come into play.

Shine Om defines mindfulness as present moment awareness. It’s noticing your thoughts, the space between the thoughts, your body and your surrounding environment with non-judgement.

To me, mindful travel is identifying and recalling the little things on your adventures. It’s the sound of the crunching earth beneath you as you wander, the feel of the grass heads as you brush by them, the taste of a new spice or flavour in a foreign dish or listening to the intricate dialects of different languages.

It’s embracing and vividly remembering the colours of the landscapes and differing between the hues of leaves or mountaintops.

Mindful travel is to be fully immersed in your experience with an awareness of each sensation and emotion that arises. So absorbed, in fact, that you can recall these moments with the same emotional responses that you had when you first encountered them.

But it’s also aware of your own reactions, actions and responses to the environment you’re in. It’s awareness of customs, cultures and practices of the land you’re visiting and respectfully accepting them and allowing them to be.

I was intrigued and asked what does mindful travel mean for my Instagram community and loved reading your responses. To you, mindful travel is to slow down and explore the sounds of nature and admiring new places.

It’s appreciation and accepting the world with its imperfections. Similar to my understanding, you too believe it’s trying new dishes, eating mindfully and letting go of any preconceptions or prejudice you may have about the unique individuality of people and places.

Mindful travel is enjoying the little things.

I am always curious about your experiences. What are your thoughts on mindful travel? How do you travel mindfully? Or how do you plan on being more present on your next adventure?  

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