L.A’s Top 5 Experiences

Chances are if you are in L.A in April you are either gearing up for or are coming down from an epic Coachella weekend. Regardless of where you are at on the L.A/Coachella ride here are 5 of our top experiences and recommendations whilst in L.A, making the journey even more unforgettable.

  • Bike ride the coastline 

Ride the Coastline

One of the best things we did on our pre-Coachella L.A adventure was getting ourselves some bikes and riding along the ocean front from Redondo Beach to Santa Monica. The ride from Santa Monica to Redondo Beach takes approximately 1.5 hours of consistent pedalling yet is super chilled and flat and worth taking your time.

Whilst at Redondo Beach watch the seals play from Joe’s Crab Shack before passing through Hermosa Beach which may look very familiar for O.C fans. Check out the chiselled volleyball babes (both female and male) on Manhattan Beach and feel the power of the planes flying over you as you approach the L.A International Airport near Playa Del Rey. Pretend you own one of the yachts in Marina Del Ray before arriving at famous grungy Venice Beach. Admire the iron pumping as you cruise your way to your final destination at Santa Monica Pier.

Check out Marina Bike Rentals for hiring. Alternatively you can hire electric bikes but where is the fun in that. You can reverse this trip too of course but be mindful that bike hire was more expensive from Santa Monica.

  • Watch a Game


It’s undeniable that L.A knows how to entertain when it comes to sport. Watching a Basketball game, regardless of who the teams are, is absolutely epic. Like all things in American they like things big, bold and loud. The entire stadium comes alive, whilst music blasts, lights are a blazing and you can feel the heat from the fire shows in your seats well beyond court side.

Keep your eyes peeled for celebrity spotting and if you are a foreigner over 21 don’t forget your passport because you are going to want to enjoy the classic feast of large beer and even larger hot-dogs.

We scored some unreal VIP tickets through Stub Hub. A legitimate ticket purchasing website which saved us many $ and certainly not to be misconstrued with other ‘Hubs’ on the Interwebs.

  • Hang like a local on Venice Beach

Venice Locals

Venice Beach whisks you away from reality and places you straight on the set of Lords of Dogtown. Skating and beach culture is prominent here along with Schwarzenegger’s  iconic Muscle Beach gym, where you will witness people pumping their guns and sweating away. Cruise along the footpath and meander through alley ways checking out local artists and street art a plenty.

Alternatively you can breathe in and be high off the surrounding air and plonk yourself beach side for some true Venice beach style chill time.

  • Visit the Broad

The Broad Museum is not only for art lovers but it’s also for those who don’t feel the creativity so much in their bones. This museum is super cool and a real treat for the eyes.

I would highly recommend jumping onto the Advanced Reservation wagon as tickets sell out unbelievably in advanced. Yes, tickets are free and by advance booking not only do you skip the disappointment of not treating your eyes but you can skip the queues too.

As soon as you arrive definitely book straight into a time-slot to see Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirrored Room. You only have 45 seconds in the installation but it truly is worth it and you’d be kicking yourself if you’d missed out.

  • Get your kicks at the end of Route 66

Santa Monica Beach.jpg

The famous Route 66 ends right upon Santa Monica Pier and what an awesome spot to finish up. There is ample to do in and around Santa Monica and for all walks of life. Ride the roller-coasters and have your tummy internally tickled at Pacific Park on Santa Monica Pier. The Pier also host the Aquarium  and you must check out the Famous Route 66 Last Stop Shop at the end of the pier.

Shop till you drop off Santa Monica Boulevard where you can also find delightful restaurants, Hipster cafes and eat at your weight at the big American chain restaurants like the Cheese Cake Factory.

To work-off the American meals engage in a workout on the original muscle beach and test your gymnast skills on the likes of rings and bars alike.

Whatever your flavour you won’t be disappointed with these top 5 experiences. I would also love to hear about your top experiences and your recommendations for discovering in L.A.

What are your favourite things to do in L.A? Where would you recommend venturing to whilst in L.A?


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