Remaining connected to self whilst travelling in groups/tours. 

“The only person you have to prove anything to is you.” 

Photography by Rachel Pope 2015. Taken during an adventure at The Salt Flats, Bolivia.

When travelling in groups it certainly can become difficult to remain whole and connected to self and spirit. Even the most spiritually connected and enlightened individuals can begin to lose contact with their core values, ideals and principals. I have been travelling South America now for over a month and I have certainly had times where I have begun to feel disconnected from self and spirit and have had to make a more conscious effort to reconnect. 

Here are a few reminders to help maintain and ultimately further enhance our connections with self, spirit and others on our journeys whether they be abroad or even in our own backyards.
1. £isten…

to your body, mind and spirit. What do you really need right now? Too often when travelling or even at home working we constantly push ourselves to see everything, experience more and be involved with all that’s around us whilst neglecting our basic human needs.

Remember to check in and listen to your body. There is no point ‘pushing’ yourself to be a part of everything if you aren’t going to fully enjoy it.

2. It’s ok to say no. 
This links directly with above but you are entitled to say no to things that are not going to benefit you. Don’t feel that you have to purchase that item, see that sight (which everyone sees and you then are waiting forever to get the exact same photo as everyone else) or feel you have to be keeping up with the night owl activities just to please everyone.

Listen, breathe and then you’ll know if you want to be involved or not.

3. Remember who you are!

If you are the person that works out, does yoga or reads and writes everyday incorporate that into your travels. There is no reason why you cannot still do the things that bring peace and order into your life just because you are not in your comfort zone.

4. Sleep, relax, unwind. 
Yes sleep, that old chestnut. Your body needs you to relax, breathe and rest in order to be your better self everyday. This will also reduce your chances of travel sicknesses and/or further assist you to get over the ever so common group illnesses such as colds, gastro etc.

If you feel you need a Massage – get one, if you need to stretch and nap- do it, if you need an early night – embrace it.

5. Express gratitude…

To the people you are travelling with, to Pachamama, to all those around you. Write 3 things you experience everyday that make you feel blessed, happy to be alive, grateful.

You’ll be surprised just how much more positive your thinking, relationships and experiences will become.

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