I write to you from the shores of Boracay, Philippines. A picturesque destination where the palm trees meet the sublimely white sand reaching out towards the pristine clear waters. The sun smiles down and warms the sunscreen layered skin. It is busy but quiet and the people are island happy. The day ends with an epic sunset that will have you completely in awe. This place is heaven.

The island is perfect for all. It boasts a ridiculous amount of activities for all to engage in from parasailing, helicopter rides, diving, cliff jumping, island hopping, paddle boarding, yoga and the list goes on. The alternative is to simply sit, relax and take in the gorgeous view. Whatever your agenda is expect to have some serious relaxation and a fantastic break.


To assist with your snoozing preference It all depends on what your up for whilst on Boracay. The island is 7 km long from end to end and the widest part is 3km. Most if not all accommodation is on Whitebeach and is broken up into boat stations.

Station 1 is ideal if you want to have the fancier kind of life. Here you rub shoulders with the more ‘elite’ tourist folk and enjoy the quiet Island life.

Station 2 is where all the action is. Nightclubs, eateries, live music (particularly Sting) are all happening at S2. Your markets and shops are here too giving a somewhat Thai feeling to the Island.

Station 3 is recommended for those who prefer the quieter pace in life whilst still being close enough to the action.

I personally stayed at Station 3 and couldn’t recommend The Sheridan Villas more. Nestled away behind Sundown restaurant and cocktail bar theses suites are the perfect home away from home. The junior suite is very spacious, clean and the wifi connection is strong. This room was 2,000 Pesos per/night and only a stones throw from the more isolated section of the beach. To top it off the staff are incredibly friendly and hospitable.

Nom Noms:

An observation made wherever we ate on Boracay was that the portions sizes are small and they are relatively expensive. I found that most Filipino food was equivalent to western meals. I would recommend the Filipino Tapa breakfast which is delightfully marinated beef, garlic rice, eggs and fruit.

Cowboy Cocina: great wifi with comical passwords such as: did you order, it’s not free. The food is quite expensive and portions are small but it is delicious. I would recommend the potato shells as an entree and the burgers. I went the healthy option on New Years Day and chose the Meditternean salad which was literally lettuce, some sliced tomato, a few crumbles of feta and couple of sliced olives. Save your salad money for home. Your average meal from here will cost you around 500 p once service charge and Vat are included.

357: Breakfast was awesome and the view was perfect. I had the beef tapa and the flavours were mouthwatering. The meat is marinated in a vinegar amongst other aromas and worth having at least once while in the Phillipines. The cookies and cream milkshakes was delightful too. Breakfast cost around 300 p including Vat etc.

Sulu Thai: Great spicy Thai food, small portions, good wifi.

The Sunnyside up cafe: A must eat. The portion sizes here are perfect and the food is awesome. There was always a wait regardless of what time of day. This cafe mainly does breakfast options but I can highly recommend the Chorizo Mac and cheese and the chorizo burger. I loved everything about this place, the view is heavenly and the poor wifi makes it the perfect place to soak up where you are.

Treehouse: The pizza here was great and they Will deliver it to you on the beach and to the Pirate bar free of charge. The average pizza will cost around 300 P and again good wifi which will reach to the beach area in front.



The Red Pirate Bar:


This place, I believe, is worth the walk to the end of the beach for. Situated close to the Treehouse restaurant and Sundown cocktail bar this place is the perfect spot to watch the sun go down. From 4-7 cocktails are 2 for 1 & are deliciously potent and best enjoyed on the beanbags or sun lounges waterside. The staff are friendly, entertaining and pirate. I spent many nights here and loved every one of them.


The diving here is some of the best I’ve seen. Advanced Open water divers have the opportunity to explore the Tribird plane wreck and the Camia shipwreck. Both give the opportunity for swim through a and fish are plentiful.

I dove with the dive shop closest to the pirate bar at Station 3 Angol point. Luis and the big boos are absolute characters and Luis was an awesome dive master.

1 fun dive will set you back 1 800 Pisos.


Divine beach yoga Boracay is found just outside Coco Loco bar at Whitestation 3. It’s the perfect addition to your holiday. Prices are 250 Pisos for 1 hour of Goa amongst the palms on the beach or you can combine with paddle board yoga for 600 Pisos and a Total of two hours. Paddle board yoga is 450 as a separate activity.