Spirit Quest Travel explore the Jewel Precinct at the opening in 2019

Exploring Singapore’s Jewel Precinct

MOTION | As the water falls from the 40m rooftop drop, the crowd stands around in awe. With arms wide open and heads tilted back they take in the stunning feature as the mist lands gently on their faces.

The new Jewel precinct at Singapore’s Changi Airport opened a year ago on 17 April 2019, and if there’s one thing Singapore does well, it’s incorporating nature into their architecture. We were lucky to arrive the day after the official opening ceremony and can conquer that this new 10 storey addition doesn’t disappoint. With over 280 shops to keep you busy and ample nature to ground you after your flight, this place has it all.

We arrived in the dark to the firefly lights glistening and relaxing sounds creating the perfect meditative ambience. It was beautiful to witness the area come alight as the sun rose to create an aura of blue and orange tones across the dome.

If you’ve got a Singapore stopover, we’d definitely recommend experiencing this for yourself. It’s connected to terminal 1 and can be accessed from terminal 2 and 3.

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Click here for more information on all you can experience at Jewel Changi Airport.

What do you love or loathe about Singapore’s airport? We love hearing about your experiences and questions so feel free to connect with us on Facebook and Instagram or comment below. 



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