Snow way! Would you go hiking in winter? Read on to find out why we are loving Canberra hikes this winter.

Where to go hiking in Canberra, Australia’s Capital

Geographically Canberra sits in a bowl between the Brindabella Mountain range. It is surrounded by beautiful ridges and stunning mountains that are waiting to be explored. The best thing is that they can be enjoyed all year round with some trails experiencing large snow dumps during the winter to make your adventures that little bit more playful.

There are two major National Parks to discover Namadgi & Tidbinbilla. Both places boast multiple stunning walks, great camping spots and picturesque wanderings to embrace Australia’s dynamic flora and fauna.

See a breakdown below on some of the ACT’s finest places to wander. Please be advised that distances and duration are approximations only and are based on personal experience, fitness and equipment.

Namadgi National Park in a nutshell: 

  • Mt Bimberi (ACT’s highest mountain and 1 of the ‘State 8’) 21 km return
  • Mt Gingera 20 km return
  • Mt Tennent 15 km return
  • Square Rock 11 km return
  • Granite Tors 7 km return
  • Booroomba Rocks (Camping at Honeysuckle Campground) 4 km return
  • Legoland (Camping at Honeysuckle Campground) 1.5 km return

Tidbinbilla Reserve in a nutshell:

Looking to explore Canberra? Check out Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve for the perfect city escape.

Hanging out in Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve

  • Gibraltar Peak 8.5 km return
  • Camels Hump 12 km return
  • The Sanctuary & The Koala Path- Great for kids and International Guests

For more details regarding these hikes check out our article Tidbinbilla, ACT, Australia

Click on the links provided for further information on these wilderness regions. Follow me to keep up to date with my local exploration.

What is your favourite ACT hiking trail? Which hike is next for you to explore? 

I would love to hear your thoughts. Let us know about your Canberra experiences by commenting below or follow us on Facebook and Instagram to share your pictures and stories.

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