Alex Backstrom at Gagnef

Watch this space…

Alex Backstrom is a self-taught visual writer who examines the perspective of selective memory and its primary place within our awareness. She creates within the genres of science fiction and non-fiction, along with text-based art installations.

Alex is a featured artist at Gagnef Festival and I cannot wait to experience her visual audio tour An Altered State of Gagnef and talking further about her creations and her views of living life.

An Altered State of Gagnef: Bring your earphones and a steady mind, and take a different kind of tour of Gagnef. As you will ride through the small town, a visual narrative will take you further into the depths of the creation of a memory, and little by little a three-folded reality unfolds.

Click here for Alex’s Gagnef teaser.

For more information on Alex click on the links below;

Website:                  Art: Alex at Gagnef

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