Tumalog Falls- Oslob, Cebu, Philippines

Tumalog falls are an absolute must if you are making the venture south to visit the whale sharks in Oslob, Cebu. The limestone falls are tranquil, relaxing and aesthetically pleasing. The water is fresh and rejuvenating and the aqua colours will soothe the soul.

They are found on the right hand side of the road if you are heading to Tan-awan about 10 minutes from where the whale sharks can be found. Cars and Tricycles alike can get you to the top of the steep hill where you’ll pay 20 PHP to enter for as long as you wish.

For 50 PHP you can get a lift on the back of a motorbike to the base of the waterfalls. No helmets are provided and the trip is about 30 seconds. I personally would recommend the walk as it is not AS bad as the locals will tell you & it provides you an opportunity to work of vacation kgs.

Most people will go immediately from the whale sharks with the most busiest hours being from 9-11. Choose to venture outside these hours for a greater opportunity to enjoy it’s beauty.

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