Being outside and connecting with nature soothes the soul and grounds us. 

Making the commitment to hike a trail or conquer a mountain makes the heart race in more ways then one. Starting at the base of a mountain and looking up can often be overwhelming as we ponder how on earth we are going to make it up there. However, what we do find is through taking each step as it comes, breathing and focusing on the task at hand we discover our own courage, determination and strength in the challenge.

There is no denying that initially there is excitement and anticipation as to what the path ahead will hold for us. This is shortly followed by internal questioning as to why you have started this mission in the first place, as your body warms up and your muscles start to burn. I challenge you here to find beauty and peace in each and every step you take.

Watch this space for hiking tips from what to pack in your day pack, hiking snacks, trail track notes and hiking recommendations. May wandering through Mother Nature bring you all clarity, calmness and strength.

Hiking Australia’s Capital                              Tidbinbilla, ACT, Australia

I would love to know your reasons for hiking. Comment below or join us on Social Media and get the conversation started. What makes you get out into nature? What do you experience as you conquer mountain tops?


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