Snow way! Would you go hiking in winter? Read on to find out why we are loving Canberra hikes this winter.

Snow Hiking up Mt Gingera, Canberra

Mt Gingera via Stockyard Spur

From the Corin Dam car park  ~ 20 km return, 6 hrs, Hard (at the start)- Medium

Mt Gingera, in Namadgi National Park, is the perfect escape into the wilderness within close proximity to the Canberra CBD. With the cool weather bringing in snow this is a great spot to experience the winter season without having to stroll too far away from home. The views from the summit are breathtaking as you look across the Brindabella Mountain Range and have the opportunity to take in the magnificent scenery.

This hike can be challenging in parts so an adequate amount of fitness is recommended. It is essential to wear appropriate hiking gear suited to the weather conditions. In winter there is ample snowfall and in summer temperatures can rise to extreme heats.  Always ensure you and your adventure crew are prepared for hiking by including the hiking essentials in your backpack.


How to get here: The base of Stockyard Spur to climb Mt Gingera is located in the car park of Corin Dam. Follow Corin Road right to the end and you will see the car park with toilets on the Western side.  This drive will take you approximately 70 minutes from Belconnen, Canberra.

What to expect: Stockyard Spur is not for the faint-hearted. The hike starts from the car park and climbs consistently for approximately 2 km, weaving its way up the mountainside until you reach the Stockyard Spur. If you find strong gradients tough on your knees then we would recommend taking hiking poles with you as the ascent and descent in pretty intense. From Stockyard Spur to Mt Franklin Road it is approximately 4 km. From Stockyard Spur the walk is along the fire trail which undulates its way to Mt Franklin Road.

Snow way! Would you go hiking in winter? Read on to find out why we are loving Canberra hikes this winter.

It may not snow in the city but we are up for adventures in the Brinddies for snow play.

Once you meet Mt Franklin Road turn left and follow the road for 1 km before meeting Pryor’s Hut. This is a good spot to have a snack and take a rest before continuing onto the climb.

From Pryor’s Hut continue heading along the road (South) for another kilometre where you will notice the road significantly bending around to the left. On the right-hand side, of the bend of the road, you will see a pole with a blue rock on it. This can be hard to see in the winter if there is plenty of snowfall.  The blue rock signifies the path which will lead you to the top of Mt Gingera. You will be climbing the mountainside for approximately 1 km before summiting.

For the best opportunity to take in the amazing views we recommend climbing the large boulders. These are the best seats in the house to enjoy the vistas you have been climbing for.

To return back to your car simply return via the route which you came from.

What’s your favourite area of Namadgi NP to explore?  We would love to hear about your experiences so feel free to connect with us on Facebook and Instagram or comment below. 

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    • Rach Pope says:

      Hey Georgina,
      Thanks for commenting. One of the things I love about Canberra is there’s always a mountain top or peak that’s ready for discovering. You should check this one out. Hope to see you on the trails soon, Rach


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