Sunrise over Narooma, NSW. Image Source: @runawaymummy

5 reasons why you should visit Narooma in 2020

Following on from my article 10 ways to support the bushfire affected town of Sussex Inlet I’ve made it my mission to travel the south coast and share the delights each area has to offer to help the local communities.

The NSW bushfires left devastating effects on the people and towns that have been directly and indirectly impacted. “We’ve lost the whole month of January in bookings which is our busiest period” shares Narelle Jackson, Hotel Manager of Horizon Apartments.

Many businesses have lost revenue, staff were put off, shelves were full of stock, some families are struggling to put food on the table and streets that would typically be full of laughter, chatter and summer holiday chaos were quiet.

“There are already some local tourism businesses that have had to close down due to the lack of business. There is some government assistance, but it is not enough to save some small businesses that have not been directly impacted by the fire. The definition of impact needs to change so that non-fire-damaged businesses can also be entitled to the grant.” Shares Sally, owner of Southbound Escapes.

Only 3 hours from Canberra this beautiful spot on the Eurobodalla Coast is a place to be discovered and high on our list of holiday recommendations for 2020. Narooma is a picturesque coastal village surrounding Wagonga Inlet with fur seals living amongst the locals. 

“Canberra visitors have been incredibly supportive as we know they have also had a very difficult season themselves and their support has been welcomed by all,” continues Sally.  So Canberra, and Australia, we’ve compiled some reasons why you should get down to Narooma this year to continue to show your solidarity.

We’ve got 5 reasons to get you keen to visit Narooma.

Get up close and personal with Australian fur seals

Spirit Quest Travel is spending time with the locals at Montague Island, Narooma.

Spending time with the locals at Montague Island, Narooma.

It’s an unforgettable experience sharing your personal space with these playful sea creatures. Get in touch with Norm and the crew from Narooma Charters to book in your diving experience at Montague Island. The team are super helpful and know the area inside out. Check out our blog Get up close and personal with Australian fur seals in Narooma for more details.

Ride the Eurobodalla Coastline

Hire a bike from Sally at Southbound Escapes and explore this pristine coastline. Sally provides both e-bikes and mountain bikes for those eager to go and explore the surrounding mountain region.

Southbound Escapes provide guided riding tours and suggested itineraries for those who prefer more guidance and if you’re interested in your entire Narooma trip being taken care of they also offer best-selling tours of the region.

Experience Marine Life in Pristine Waterways

The indigenous name for Narooma is ‘clear blue water’, and when you are here, you’ll understand why. With a phenomenal blue inlet and golden beaches against a backdrop of stunning mountain scenery, it’s little wonder why the Australian Fur seals have made this their home.

Also known as the nature coast, Narooma is a mecca for marine life, and you’re guaranteed to see seals resting on the rocks and giant stingrays cruising by the jetties. Montague Island is also home to fairy penguins, and there’s plenty of opportunities to spot dolphins throughout the year and whales from September to November. Click here for more info on booking your nature encounter tours.

Embrace the Million Dollar View at O’Briens Hotel

This has got to be one of the best pub views on the east coast of Australia as it overlooks the stunning aquamarine waterways leading out to the South Pacific Ocean. Order a meal from the Raw Prawn Bistro and watch the seals and rays clean up after the fisherman. The food here is delicious and if you ever needed a reason to stop by the pub then now you’ve got one.

Workout in an old RSL

Workout in an ex-RSL club at Oddbods Gym Narooma.

The transformed ex-RSL club is now Oddbods Gym Narooma.

Yes, you heard correctly the local ex-RSL club has been transformed into an epic workout centre. When we met with the owner Carol, she said “It’s more like a museum of gym equipment, we’ve been collecting it for about 30 years,” and she was right there’s everything you would need here imaginable.

Oddbods Health and Fitness Centre also have a sauna for those not keen on working out but want to experience this for themselves.



Wondering where to stay? We would recommend Horizon Apartments for independent travellers and the Big4 Narooma Easts Holiday Park for families.

When booking your stay, please consider booking directly instead of using accommodation websites to ensure the locals are receiving the money. Horizon Apartments offer a discounted rate to anyone who calls Narelle directly.

What are your favourite things to do in Narooma? We love hearing about your experiences and questions so feel free to connect with us on Facebook and Instagram or comment below. 


Cover image courtesy of @runawaymummy

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