Light to Light Hike, Green Cape, NSW

What to expect when hiking the Light to Light Walk, Ben Boyd National Park, NSW Australia

We spent our winter long weekend completing the overnight Light to Light walk in Ben Boyd National Park on the far south coast of NSW.

According to Strava, we hiked 31.9km through some of Australia’s most beautiful landscapes from Ben Boyd Tower to Green Cape Lighthouse.

We trekked along the coast taking in the sights of the endless sapphire ocean, through Australian native bushland, across ruby red rocks and passed moist fern forests. The scenery was absolutely breathtaking and one worth adding to your bucket list.

What to expect on the hike

Day 1

We parked at Ben Boyd Tower and hiked towards Green Cape Lighthouse. My Strava stated that it was 14.37 km to Saltwater Creek Campground starting from Ben Boyd Tower and took approximately 3.5 hours.  The views are awesome along the coastline, and we were mesmerised by how red the rocks were.

We spent the night at Saltwater Creek Campground, but you’ll need to make sure you book your beforehand. Click here to book now! The campground was close to the beach and immersed in nature. It had limited access to clean drinking water so we’d recommend bringing a water purifier.

Read How to refuel on multi-day hiking adventures for food packing options.

Day 2

According to Strava, today’s hike was close to 18 km and took just over 4 hours to reach the lighthouse. There is limited reception along the way but give Jenny a call around the 3-hour mark to let her know where you are so she can collect you with the limited waiting time.

There is such diverse vegetation meandering along the cliffs and bays, through she-oak forest and Australian bushland.

This mornings hike started with observing a lyrebird before taking in the sunrise over the ocean. The trail dipped and raised again in a few parts but was relatively flat most of the way.


If you’re after more information, contact Jenny from Light To Light Camps. Jenny offers fully catered guided tours or transport back to your car, which is a phenomenal service if you’re not walking with a group.

Visit NSW National Parks for updated information on the National Park.

We love hearing about your experiences and questions so feel free to connect with us on Facebook and Instagram or comment below. 

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