Wanderlust- A festival for the soul

Some festivals and experiences will stay with you forever. Some for the memories that you have created and some for how they make you feel. Wanderlust is fortunate to stick with you for both reasons. Check out my latest Festival Review on Wanderlust108 Canberra.

Interview with Alex Backstrom, Visual Writer – Gagnef, Sweden

I had the absolute pleasure of spending time with the creative Alex Backstrom at Gagnef festival 2017. Her positive outlook on life is infectious which is evident in her open mindedness of her art and how she lives her life with a radiant yet realistic smile.  Her Audio Visual tour was like nothing else I … Continue reading Interview with Alex Backstrom, Visual Writer – Gagnef, Sweden

Gagnef 2017

Gagnef festival is the perfect place to experience the hottest musical performers that you have never heard of, to see incredible visual art you have never seen and to dance the days away with hipsters who have never crossed you path before.