Canberra Region, The Australian Capital Territory

There is so much more to Canberra than extreme temperatures and politics and it doesn’t take much digging to discover some of its stunning natural features and stories waiting to be shared with the Nation.

There is something here to be discovered and explored by everyone. From the Arts, culture, people and the endless events and festivals held throughout the year there is bound to be something to meet your interests when exploring the region. The stunning landscapes provide picturesque backdrops for the family photos while the mountain ranges stand prominent, enticing the adventure seekers to explore further.

Check out our articles below to help tailor your trip to the Capital and f you are still unsure whether you’re into Canberra or not then check out our article What’s not to love about Canberra to see if your position can be swayed. 


Views from Booroomba Rocks after hiking in Canberra, the nations capital. Check out our blog for your travel inspiration.

Taking in the views from Booroomba Rocks