New writing project 🚨

I love writing. It fills up my cup. But I have felt weird posting about international destinations when we’ve been locked in our homes. Go ahead, analyse me 🤣 My integrity value is strong!

So, I’m starting a new project and it involves YOU! Tell me about your favourite Australia destination or your home town.

I want to know what you love about it, what to do you there, where to eat, the best way to experience it, where you recommend sleeping. Tell me all the things.

I would also love to showcase you, so if you’re a business owner I can share a bit about what you do, or what charity you would like to highlight, you can promote a small business or you can remain anonymous.

How to get involved

  • Complete the contact form below or DM me on Instagram.
  • I will get in touch with you to arrange a phone interview.
  • You share your responses and send me photos of your trip.
  • I write up your story and publish it here.

I cannot wait to share your stories ✍🏼

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