Our top five dive sites for Uepi Island, Solomon Islands

Uepi Island boasts world-class diving in a picturesque setting. And, it’s all right on your doorstep.

The Uepi Welcome Jetty is teaming with fish including bannerfish, Moorish idols, wrasse and parrotfish. Sit on the steps and you’ll undoubtedly see sharks cruise by, the occasional pod of dolphins and turtles to get you eager for diving. This is a dive site in itself with a cave sitting below the wharf and rated the best shore dive. However, we didn’t have the opportunity to dive here just snorkel and it was still spectacular.

The dives are deep and long with stunning coral and marine life, and opportunities to do cave, sinkhole, night and wreck dives.

Uepi is abundant with extraordinary marine life including ample sightings of sharks (Tawny Nurse, Whalers, Reef sharks and Hammerheads), reef fish, dolphins (Spinner and Bottlenose), rays (Spotted Eagle Rays, Mantas), cuttlefish, Pygmy seahorses and loads more. You may also be privileged with the rare sighting of an Orca or Whale Shark which has been known to visit this area.

The coral is healthy, vibrant and unique. The Gorgonian Fans are impressively huge and range in colours of reds, yellows, purples and pinks. You can see tridacna ‘giant’ clams, Elephant Ear Sponges, Cabbage Sponges, amphora basket sponges, soft coral trees and an array of colourful coral gardens.

We’ve selected our top five dives which we’d recommend experiencing on your trip to Uepi Island.

Our top five dive sites are:

1. Point to Point

This is an advanced dive, descending to 40m in depth before navigating across the channel to Uepi Point. An awesome dive for sharks, barracuda schools and taking in the immense depths of the ocean.

2. Charapoana Point

This is straight across from Uepi Point. Great to watch the action as sharks feed, turtles swim, fish play and big schools of trevally hunt.

3. Uepi Point

The end of the passage and another great spot to take in the action of the underwater world. Sit on the reef corner and see the sharks, rays and schools of hunting fish work their magic in the deep blue. Come up to the shallow coral gardens at 8m to see the garden eels, anemonefish (pink, clown and Clarks fish), flounder and mantis shrimp. You may even catch a shark or two taking a rest in the sandy patches.

4. Tamalivi

A wall and coral garden dive where you can find Pygmy seahorses in the fans, turtles around the coral gardens, lobsters, painted cray, nudibranchs and ample colourful fish.

5. General Store

This dive site is known for having a bit of everything. Only 15 minutes from Uepi this dive has awesome swim-throughs and caves for exploring. It has great coral gardens with eagle rays, pipefish, nudis and schools of barracudas too.

Enquire about your trip to paradise by using the contact details below:

Phone: +61 3 9787 7904

Email: info@uepi.com

Website: uepi.com


Have you visited Uepi Island? or Want to know more? We love hearing about your experiences and questions so feel free to connect with us on Facebook and Instagram or comment below. 

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