Canberra connects with a Sacred Cacao Ceremony.

If you had no idea of what an event entailed would you buy a ticket? If after purchasing said ticket you still had no idea of what to expect would you still attend?

Well on Saturday night we simply did just that. This element of mystery enticed a community of like minded individuals to come together for an evening of raising the consciousness. We left our egos and expectations at the door, stepped into the complete unknown and attended a Sacred Cacao Ceremony. It’s not very often that we attend an event and then struggle to have the words to corroborate the experience but this sacred ceremony has left us baffled to express this uniquely special event.

Connection, Love & Openness at Sacred Cacao Ceremony Canberra | Check out our article to find out what these events are all about.
Sarah Louise guides her attendees through meditation and intention setting during the ceremony.

The Cacao Ceremony was facilitated by locally renowned Medicine Women and Sacred Sexuality Practitioner Sarah Louise, of Inner Willow, who transformed the community space of Hughes into a red, sacred healing temple. Sarah deliberately left the event details aloof encouraging her attendees to trust and release expectations for this healing journey.

Sarah Louise explains that Ceremonial Cacao is an ancient plant medicine traditionally used in South America, by the Mayans in shamanic healing journeys. The Cacao is believed to have medicinal properties enabling the receiver to travel between the conscious and unconscious worlds deepening connection with self and those in ceremony.

Connection, Love & Openness at Sacred Cacao Ceremony Canberra | Check out our article to find out what these events are all about.

Raw Cacao is a plant medicine, from the Amazon, used in shamanic healing & transformational journeys.

Sarah Louise, after travelling to and experiencing this plant medicine in the Amazon herself, guides her attendees through drinking the bitter drink and setting their intentions for the ceremony. As the attendees drink, a didgeridoo plays transporting its drinkers between Indigenous realities.

Sarah guides her attendees throughout the evening inviting them to participate in ceremonial movement, music, connection and meditation. The event is carefully crafted to evoke and release emotional blockages stored in the body and psyche. The combination of movement, touch and meditation allow the individual to descend deeply from their minds into their bodies providing an opportunity for transmutation of the emotional density to occur.

Throughout the evening there are opportunities to release this stored matter in order to  create space for more life force to flow. There are screams, tantrums, cries and laughter as attendees are held in sacred space to release what is needed. Sarah explains that when we are in flow and connected with our authentic self we have the ability to embrace more intimate and genuine connections with ourselves and others.

Connection, Love & Openness at Sacred Cacao Ceremony Canberra | Check out our article to find out what these events are all about.

The Sacred Cacao Ceremony provides opportunities to connect deeper with self and those in ceremony.

Connection, rawness, opening, love & transformational are common themes shared at the conclusion of this event. With guests who’ve previously participated in Sarah’s Cacao Ceremonies stating that integrating this sense of beauty and authenticity into their lives can be the most challenging. “I have had major shifts after attending these events” shares Paul*. With some attendees disclosing that they’ve made dramatic lifestyle changes such a quitting toxic jobs and leaving dysfunctional relationships.

The Cacao medicine works uniquely for each person and will only allow what the participant is ready to be shifted to release. Sarah explains that it’s a powerful but gentle plant medicine and not to be feared. If you feel compelled to raise the collective consciousness and are open to this uniquely transformative experience then pencil in November 10 for the next cacao event. To stay up to date with future sacred sexuality events subscribe on her website and keep in touch via the Canberra’s Sacred Cacao Events and Sarah Louise’s Facebook.

*names have been changed for privacy

Have you attended a Sacred Cacao Ceremony before?  We would love to hear about your experiences so feel free to connect with us on Facebook and Instagram or comment below. 

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