Making a local Connection – a Nepalese travel story

I will forever be amazed and inspired by the simple acts of kindness shown by many people throughout the world. Kindness is allowing our two friends, ego and pride, to take a rest and selflessly promote one another. When they collaborate, the day is brighter and the eyes see a world through compassion, honesty and love.

Meet Nakul, the local owner of his family-run hotel hidden amongst the bustling alleys of Kathmandu. He is a man with dark features, a broad beaming smile, eyes that say welcome and energy which emanates safety. A man who has lost almost everything. A man who taught me my greatest lessons.

He wears beige pants and a white cotton shirt as he bounds around the courtyard cuddling and roughing up his fluffy dog, Forest. From the outset, you see a happy man, who leads his life with an understanding of peace and consideration. Without investing the time to hear someone and the desire to get to know a person we can never fully appreciate the complexity of the human spirit.

Nakul manages the hotel with his family and after spending quite some time, getting to know who they are, I feel they have grown to be my Nepalese family too. A group of young men who had lost the rest of their families in the tragic 2014 landslides. The same group of men who remained for weeks after the event happened to search for their family members and any remains of their previous life.

This family has endured hardships beyond our imagination yet they wake up and face every day with a smile on their faces and their hearts full of gratitude. Nakul would talk endlessly about his adventures into the mountains and the connection he felt to his home. He shared a wealth of information with us but without realising it he had taught us our greatest lesson of all. Have courage and be kind but most importantly share this with everyone who enters into your life. Even if it is for a flickering moment.

From the moment we met him he took a genuine interest in our stories, invested time to listen, answering our many questions, translating the essentials to survive politely in a foreign country and shared his knowledge on how to keep two girls safe and well when travelling in Nepal. At Nakul’s hotel, you will find so much more than a clean, spacious place to rest your head. If you open yourself up to the opportunity you will find your own Kathmandu home away from home.

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