Luang Prabang

Getting to Luang Prabang:

I would thoroughly recommend flying into LPB as it is the most spectacular scenery I have experienced thus far. It also saves the hassles and nuances of the buses. If you book early enough you can get great flight discounts especially if you are departing from Thailand.


I stayed in a four bed dorm with en-suite at the Central Backpackers. From my experience I would not recommend staying here as the rooms are dark, damp and not so clean, unless you are into that. However, they do have a great breakfast and I met some great people in the foyer- being as it is the only place to access the wifi.

Friends that stayed at The Kalayman hostel gave good reviews. If you are travelling with a partner I would recommend any number of the hotels but they would be a bit more pricey.


For 10,000 kip you can have a delicious vegetarian buffet in the side alleys besides the vegan restaurant/bakery and close to the night markets.

* Make a conscious and verbal effort of acknowledging how much money you are handing over. I handed over 50,000 Kip and the woman denied this fact and only honoured change for a 20,000. Seeing as this was my only budget for the day I was not too impressed.

Things to do:
Kuang Si waterfall: Picture above in the wet season. Here you can also visit the bear sanctuary which is included in your ticket. The waterfalls are spectacular but would also recommend visiting in the dry season November-February for a greater appreciation of the limestone and blue waters. Bring you swimmers to fully enjoy the falls and what nature has to offer. Access to the waterfalls and bears =20,000 kip.


You can also view the butterfly sanctuary with a guided tour which costs 30,000 kip.

Cost of a tuk tuk (mini truck type thing) should equate to no more then 150,000 total regardless of the number of people you are going with. We met some people on the street who joined us for the day which was awesome.

Climb up the 300+ stairs in the city centre to reach the pagoda for stunning views and exceptional sunsets. Double check if you can purchase beers up top still. If not carry up some beers in your backpack to cheers your fellow travel buddies at the top.


The view is worth the burn.

Yoga: Yoga is available but, it is generally closed during the rainy season July- September.

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