Shattered windows, intact spirits.

Oh Asia you never cease to amaze me.

Yes this is the bus man finishing of the last bit of the already shattered window.

As our Nepalese journey was coming to an end we got a bus from Pokhara to Kathmandu which seems normal enough. The bus was fine and the ride was perfect to mix a bottle of pancake batter. All is going relatively well when just a short while out of Kathmandu we hit a bump and swoosh. There goes the whole front bus window. It seriously just fell through without any warning. Of course the bus kept driving for a wee while before pulling over, as you do in Asia. Thankfully no one was hurt and the company did an exceptional job of ushering us onto another bus into the city.

You know you have been travelling for a while in Asia when you are not either fussed nor phased by the event. It’s just another thing that has happened that make you shake your head and laugh at afterwards.

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