Energy Spiritual Wonders #1


Ok dudes and dudettes,
So here is the first instalment of energy spiritual wonders. Quite often I hear people say (and me too at times) that they feel they have low energy, lethargic, or simply zapped. A very simple way of counteracting this is to cover the TV screens and computer monitors within your living space. Just like humans and other living being all things in life have an energy field or aura. TVs and monitors act as vacuums for our energy field, sucking in the life around them. I call them the aura audits. When not in use over with a fabric such as a scarf that you love. I’m sure you have probably seen this at my abode before- My brother commonly referred to me as ‘fucking hippy or weird cu t!’ – but all jokes aside I certainly feel a difference when I’m in a space with the aura audits exposed. Please let me know if you do too,I would love any feedback 🙂

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