Broken seats and sanitary napkins.

It is enough that I am surrounded by beauty… – Ruess, 1934

I’ve gone and done it again. Got myself into a situation where all you can do is laugh to survive it. I thought it would be simple enough to book a safari tour to Chitwan and onto Beshsishar as I was simply over making decisions and organising myself through and around the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu.

Chitwan challenges and successes.

Chitwan challenges and successes.

I had thought I had got off to a flying start again high fiving myself as I have not had to use my head once today. I sat in the back of the ute, catching the rays amongst the dust and all was jolly until one bump too many resulted in the seat giving way beneath me, finding myself landing on my arse mid adventure. The ute was all over the place so naturally I’m struggling to hold on whilst hoping my bag doesn’t fall out and simultaneously trying to fix the seating. Mind you all this is happening whilst I am trying my best to look casual. I hiss at myself for even worrying about the opinions of others as heaven forbid you don’t want the people in charge to actually feel responsible.

We arrive at the accommodation to find a room hot as balls with a bathroom black with mould and leaking. This could be fine if it wasn’t the only source of water in the room. We are moved to the room of the Herron to find a ladies pad stuck to the menu. Hmm yes just what I feel like, I will order a plate of disappointment with a spoonful of disgusting and a side platter of filth thank you.

You could imagine that I was again not too impressed by the situation and shaking my fists at the sky thinking “this was meant to be easy! Why, why why!” My solution was to email the booking agency, yes that seems like an adequate decision. It could’ve been worked out smoother & faster had the internet actually worked. Apparently, the people in Chitwan have decided that the hours of 1-3pm are wifi peak periods and happily inform you that you won’t be accessing civilisation until night time or maybe tomorrow.

Thank goodness the day ended with rhino sightings, drum circles and fire dancing. 3 of my favourite things! Moments like this do make it worth it.

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