A decaying disease

It’s a sad day, when you find out that a man that made so many of us smile, like Cheshire cats, and fill our living rooms and hearts with joy has been suffering with a mental illness, which led him to take his own life. Far too often, he hear or experience someone close to us suffering through so much pain yet we are too blind to see or il-equipped to help.

I hope from the worlds loss that society can begin to work together to help those with mental illness and to inform one another of this soul decaying disease. That we can drop the stigma, that we can begin to work towards acceptance and all gain the necessary skills to listen and help those in need. I hope that we can provide the families of one lost with the adequate support, love and knowledge to allow them to grieve, accept and heal.

May Robin Williams now be free from his torment, may he know that he was loved by millions if not billions of people across the globe, from all ages, from all walks of life all creating their own stories. Thank you for bringing light, laughter and love into our lives. I send my prayers to you and may you have ease walking into the light.

For more information on how to assist people who have moved on, are high risk or want to know more about depression please view the following websites and contact the necessary people:

Sharyn Young http://www.suicidehowtofindpeace.wordpress.com

Headspace R U OK? http://www.ruok.org.au

Beyond Blue http://www.beyondblue.org.au

Genie, now you are free.

Genie, now you are free.

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